Month: March 2014

A change in material

I decided to try drawing the scenes on other surfaces, such as bits of rubbish.  I found it much more difficult but I really liked the concept of making this change. Below I drew on some tissue and a cardboard shoe piece.


The Exhibition!

So it’s been a week or so since the Narrative exhibition and looking back there was one particular piece that stood out for me.  Someone had carved out an old book and inside were small hand drawn figures and other small bits.  It made it look as though a little fairy garden party was taking place inside, with the miniature bunting and books setting the scene.  I think the particular aspect which stood out for me was how delicately drawn the fairies were. They we so beautifully sketched in coloured pencils and reminded me of the illustrated pictures in childhood story books; I guess it’s ironic then too that it’s inside a book.

I’m one of those people that hopes fairy-tales and all those other childhood stories come true, when I know they just won’t.  So I think this piece weirdly gave me a comfort knowing someone else still remembers, what I felt was, key memories from childhood.  To me this piece had a presence in the room, when I walked in it was the first thing I noticed.  It was elegantly displayed on a plinth slightly below eye level.  So when I looked down into it, I got the same feeling as if I were looking into a dolls house. It had a homely feeling about it, something which said I should be displayed on an oak bureau in dainty farm house.


Having another go at one of my memorable childhood activities.

The Narrative exhibition may have passed but I want to carry on working with this idea. It’s something I’ve really gotten into, I find all the stories and research I have to do really interesting. So my next plan was to transform my Biro drawings into etchings; but I needed a step in between to test how they would look. This is it, a scraper foil engraving art piece:

(Click on image to enlarge it)

Remember those engraving art things you did as kids? The black paint covered the silver or multicoloured foil beneath and you would scrape off the lines to make a pretty picture. Its one of those! But on a blank piece instead of one with a ready made drawing.  I really enjoyed sitting on the bench doing this, required a lot of concentration, because once you’ve scraped an area off it can’t be undone.