Month: April 2014

Lets give it a bit of colour!

After I’d been out and done a few more sketches I decided that because this was the opposite of the mundane , dark views I’d previously been drawing I should add some colour. The key figures I remembered drawing and the colours they had been wearing I selected to roughly fill in with watercolours. I purposely didn’t give all the figures colour to allow some to stand out more than others. Here are the results:


IMG_7098[1](Click on an image to enlarge it)


People watching.

My recent project has involved taking people out of an image and purely drawing the landscape in front of me. I’ve done this to try and introduce a sense of loneliness into the drawings as my starting point was homelessness.  Today I decided to try the opposite and draw the people who pass me on when i’m sat on the bench but also without a landscape. It turned into chaos, but organised chaos in my eyes as when you look close enough its not too difficult to distinguish each individual on the paper.  Here are the results:

(Click on an image to enlarge it)

Raising money for the Princes Trust

I recently joined a project which is raising money for the Princes Trust charity by selling artwork for the charity in their show homes.  They’re creating a double framed product incorporating a photograph of a North East landmark and an artists sketch of the landmark. So I offered to provide a piece of art for them to use in the project and I chose the Tyne Bridge.

(Click on the image to enlarge it)

The artwork will be displayed at all 20 of the Barratt developments across the North East, with my name and contact details, there will also be a sales leaflet produced for distribution and they are hoping to hold a national event to showcase the art.
All proceeds from the sales will go to the Princes Trust.