Wearable Sculpture

More Wearable Sculpture

Here’s my Miss Havisham, Great Expectations inspired wearable sculpture from A level.  Made from my Grandmas old wedding dress, I embroidered half and melted bin bags with a heat gun for the other side.  Barbed wire spirals the decaying side with burnt rose petals and pages from the book. Watches hang stopped at 8 hours 40 minutes. The flower shoulder piece of the wedding dress is made from love poems and hand painted perfume bottles hang from the back.


A wire bodysuit from my first semesters electrical project. Made by weaving craft wire and copper wire.




Narnia bound!

 This has got to be one of the most enjoyable pieces I’ve ever made. I just went crazy with it! My plan of it being a suit of armour kind of resulted in some sort of mythical beetle suit, so not  looking anything like what I’d originally planned. Although collecting and cutting up over 150 CDs was a little monotonous.. but all the free cake from the art department made up for it!  I wouldn’t say it’s entirely wearable either.. what you see below meant having to move around extremely careful and slowly ( I did get some funny looks!) but even though I was cautious I ended up with many cuts and scratches, but I’d say it was worth it! The idea came from being trapped in a mirror and fighting to get out, which might explain where my armour idea came from.  It was probably a more skill building project, as I had to learn to knit (which I feel I need to mention YouTube videos for that are really helpful!), learn to use a laser cutter and how to work with expanding foam and plaster.  Hours and hours of work is now lying in my garage with many other of my creations unfortunately!


…and yes it was numbingly cold shooting this !